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Ys Origin: Thor Side


I finished Hugo’s storyline the other day, and it’s pretty easy when you get the hang of using him and his magic. I attribute a good amount of the ease to having battle experience with Yunica on the same bosses, though. Even knowing how the bosses work, you still have to adjust the strategy a […]

Ys Origin: Hugo Side


With Christmas out of the way, I have a bit more time to concentrate on Ys again. I recently finished Yunica’s storyline and started on Hugo’s. While Yunica played like typical Adol-style fighting, Hugo is a slightly different ball game. You’ll understand when you watch some videos. Speaking of which… if you haven’t noticed already, […]

Ys Origin: Yunica Side


I got Ys Origin yesterday, and I’m having a blast with it! Right now I’m playing through the Yunica side of the storyline on Hard Mode, so I’m pretty much set up for a good challenge from each boss. I’ll try to record some fights as long as it doesn’t hinder my gameplay too much. […]