Awaiting the Red-haired Swordsman


I finished Thor’s storyline a couple of days ago. Poor guy, he seemed to be very close to Reah. Too bad that kind of thing almost always never works out. Overall, the game was quite fun, despite having to fight many of the same bosses over on different characters. Even so, the bosses specific to Thor’s side were awesome, and quite a few of the recurring ones had extra difficulty due to Thor’s abilities. I do wish he fought more of the good guys, though. Thor versus Cecilia, Ramona, Mucha, Cadena, Eolia, or Roy, anyone? I know I would have enjoyed another fight against at least one of those people.


Though I don’t know the legitimate way of unlocking Nightmare Mode and Adol’s Time Attack, it seems they have been discovered through other means. I’ll probably try this out and post more videos later. I also remembered I’m still missing a lot of the Venus & Braves stuff I’ve been meaning to get to, like the first part of the ending, etc. I’ll try to work on those within the month if possible.

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    Ys Origin and V&B vids might be delayed even more once next week comes~

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