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the legacy


Alright, I’ve been trudging through Atelier Iris 3 recently. The game bears a resemblance to a certain FFXI dungeon system. Edge and Iris work for the Guild, and accept quests that usually involve going into an Afterworld (dungeon) that has a time limit to how long you can be in there. When finished, the quests […]

in the atelier with iris


Yay for traffic surges. You can likely thank the people over at for the downtime. I’ve been playing catch up on games I haven’t finished, starting with Atelier Iris 2. I think I enjoyed part one a bit more, probably because of the Norn factor. Maybe if they let Viese join the party way […]

cake time


I finally got around to finishing Odin Sphere. Playing on Hard Mode and choosing not to use items or Psypher Heal during boss battles really extended the game’s length and difficulty for me. I didn’t really see the point of playing Hard Mode if you still had access to items and what not during boss […]