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into the next generation


  I picked this up yesterday. I’m about eight hours into the game. If I were to sum up my impressions so far I would say that it looks pretty darn great. However, every other aspect of the game is merely okay. It definitely took a while to get warmed up to it, but it […]

team red ribbon


Whee… I finished Persona 3 yesterday. Clocked in at about 70 hours, level 76. I’ll probably head into Monad later… maybe. Maxed out a good amount of Social Links, or at least the ones I gave a damn about anyways. Good stuff. I especially enjoyed the last battle, but it also made me realize how […]

why do you have a gun?


Ahh, finally… an RPG I can really sink my teeth into. Just the fact that its been only a couple of days after release and I’ve put about 24 hours into it really says a lot about it. I can’t count the number of recent RPGs I’ve played that are only 24 hours long at […]