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The Oboro Muramasa Game Rip is up for download now at the Super Secret Download Page. No, I’m not linking to it here. If you know how my URL format is for pages, you’ll figure it out. The tracks are in .mp3 format and are very generically named (BGM_000XX_brstm.mp3). Enjoy!

108 swords of destiny


NOTICE: Not sure what was happening, but my permalinks (and consequently the ability to comment) was being hindered by my redirection settings. Everything should be fixed now, leave a mail or something if this happens again. Finally got the true endings for both Momohime and Kisuke – nothing else left for me to do except […]

princess crown 3


Already cleared with Momohime on Shura. Kisuke soon! I doubt I’ll be doing videos for this – if I do it will be long after release. On the other hand, I’ve been streaming the game through my uStream channel so if you get the urge to watch it’ll be there for a couple of days.