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wheel of fortune


A quick little update before I get sucked into Rune Factory Oceans~ Tactics Ogre was done nearly a week ago… holy crap that is one long SRPG. I believe I put in about 90 hours into it, and a couple of those were spent grinding up new classes or grinding my Chaos Frame for Galgastan. […]

unrecorded chronicles


Loved it! I’m glad to see Sakaguchi & Uematsu can still bring the goods. Clocked in at 27 hours, though I’m fairly certain that if you were to do zero exploring/sidequests you’d probably hit completion at about 20 hours. I’m quite horrible at reviewing the quality of any RPG story, but I can say that […]

the 422


February Status Report: The Last Story – Completed! This was first on the agenda, and was pretty much completed a day after I got my hands on it. Yes, I’m crazy. But the game was also awesome. Valkyria Chronicles 3 – Completed! It’s hard to describe how much better this is compared to VC2. Is […]