As usual, the super late post for August has arrived~

Not much to report – I’m slowly chipping away at Atelier Shallie, which has been fun, but I think I share a lot of veteran’s sentiments when I say they’ve taken away too much of the time management portion of the game. Ayesha and Escha were already pretty lax with them, but Shallie essentially got rid of it. Yeah sure, there’s still that gauge to worry about but it’s completely different than going day by day in previous iterations. It’s definitely something that’s hard to strike a good balance with, and I know there’s always complaints about the system but I think it’s a core part of Atelier that needs to be retained to some degree. I haven’t gotten too far to be able to fool around with the in-depth mechanics of the new alchemy system so I can’t say too much on that end yet. I’ll probably add some more thoughts whenever I end up beating it.

I did say I was going to talk a bit about Final Fantasy XIV‘s patch 2.3 but I actually found it to be quite boring .=/ I expect I’ll be spending less and less time with it until 2.4 comes out. Maybe not even then…?

Next month is Danganronpa 2 (which I’m kind of scared to check out due to NISA’s involvement) and of course, my highly anticipated Sen no Kiseki II. This time around, I’ll basically be dropping everything I can to play Sen II so hopefully I can keep up with everybody while simultaneously dodging spoilers. TGS is also happening – hopefully Falcom will show us more of Ys PS4 or maybe even that unannounced game? One can dream~

See you next month!

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