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Every time I play a new Kiseki game, I always end up feeling bad for everyone else still stuck with the first Trails in the Sky. Not only are they eagerly awaiting the continuation from FC, but they’re also just struggling with a drought of good JRPGs these days. Some day they’ll get to enjoy the insane roller coaster that is Ao no Kiseki just like I did, but I guess for now, you’ll have to put up with me gushing about Sen no Kiseki II.

Actually, I can’t say much about it out of a desire to not spoil anything! What I can say is that I tend to hype up games sometimes, to the point of it negatively affecting how I enjoy them when they finally do come out. Kiseki is really one of the only series I can hype up and never, ever be wrong about, and Sen no Kiseki II is no exception to this. My love for the series and all of the new characters has grown even more, and I cannot wait to see where Falcom takes us next.  I’m really glad I took the time to play it as non-stop as I could, because it was totally worth avoiding the inevitable spoilers I’d accidentally find somewhere.

Final note: McBurn is a total badass and he needs to be in every future Kiseki game.

The rest of the month was spent playing random games I’ve missed out on due to FFXIV (I have a serious backlog going on =/) and some Monster Hunter 4G. Monster Hunter is Monster Hunter, I won’t even bother explaining anything there. The new monsters are fun, but they’ve added a lot more grindy things that I’m not too pleased about.

Next month should be Dragon Age Inquisition and maybe a few other things? I’ve been really bad about remembering release dates lately.

See you next month!

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