the inquisition marches


Hello again, everyone!

(This post will be the start of many catch up posts. This is probably the most I’ve fallen behind on updating, but I’ll do my best to chronicle my gaming again, month by month.)

For me, November was mainly spent playing Dragon Age: Inquisition, with a little bit of MH4G sprinkled in here and there.

Inquisition can pretty much be summed up with one word: Knight-Enchanter. Once I was able to specialize in it, Nightmare difficulty was pretty much a breeze. Soloing dragons with it is fun, but a different kind of fun than what I had before I specced Knight-Enchanter, which was essentially wrangling the fairly dumb AI under my control to meticulously win each battle. You might say I ruined my experience with the game a little bit by keeping my Inquisitor in that spec, but honestly I didn’t see it as a problem. Sadly, DA:I suffers from a ton of bloat quests – bloat which I didn’t know was bloat at the time so I completed them anyways – so having my KE around to just stomp everything with ease made it much more tolerable. Despite that, I did quite enjoy everything else about it. The story was decent enough, and I liked the majority of the characters and the dialogue. I also liked playing around with the talent trees, and the ability to respec cheaply and infinitely was great.  Things weren’t looking so great for the Dragon Age series after 2, but Inquisition was enjoyable enough for me that I wouldn’t mind playing another entry.

Next month is… nothing? I’ll probably just spend my time playing random games in my backlog while waiting for the new Hearthstone expansion. See you next time~

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