to the glorious future


Well, despite leaving the game (and feeling quite content about the whole thing), I’ve come back to FFXIV.

Why? Well… for one thing, I love expansions, and the Heavensward caught my eye, so I wanted to prepare for it. But the main reason I came back was to visit a friend who told me she was getting married in-game. She knows who she is (and she’ll probably read this post, too ^^;). I’m not a big screenshot person so I don’t really have any to share of the wedding, unfortunately. It was really nice playing with friends again though, and I hope to continue to do so in Heavensward. I’m not quite sure if I intend to be quite as serious about raiding as I was before though.

I know I’ve never really talked about it much here, but I still enjoy being a fairly casual MMO player from time to time. There was a huge gap between when I stopped playing WoW to XIV – one where I really felt like I wanted to play an MMO, but couldn’t find the right one – or just didn’t capture the experience I enjoyed with other MMOs. It’s a weird thing, no? I really don’t think any MMO can recapture the early days of the genre, but I think a lot of “veterans” like myself are yearning for them. I can understand why XIV is how it is – especially from a business standpoint, but it’ll always lack that mystery, depth, difficulty and sense of reward that other MMOs like EQ and FFXI had (among other qualities that I left out). Nowadays though, the kind of game that XIV is suits me fine… for now.

Since it’s the end of the year, I might as well name the game I loved the most this year – it’s obviously Sen no Kiseki II.

As for next month/year, I’ll likely be playing the long awaited Tales of Zestiria~

Have a Happy New Year everyone!

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