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to the glorious future


Well, despite leaving the game (and feeling quite content about the whole thing), I’ve come back to FFXIV. Why? Well… for one thing, I love expansions, and the Heavensward caught my eye, so I wanted to prepare for it. But the main reason I came back was to visit a friend who told me she […]

the inquisition marches


Hello again, everyone! (This post will be the start of many catch up posts. This is probably the most I’ve fallen behind on updating, but I’ll do my best to chronicle my gaming again, month by month.) For me, November was mainly spent playing Dragon Age: Inquisition, with a little bit of MH4G sprinkled in […]

blue destination


Every time I play a new Kiseki game, I always end up feeling bad for everyone else still stuck with the first Trails in the Sky. Not only are they eagerly awaiting the continuation from FC, but they’re also just struggling with a drought of good JRPGs these days. Some day they’ll get to enjoy […]