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Hah… I am insanely behind aren’t I? I haven’t had a large enough chunk of free time to dedicate the time games like Zero and Ao no Kiseki actually deserve, so I’ve been putting those off. It doesn’t mean I can’t enjoy these Nendoroids, though! First things first, Blizzcon was a blast. 99% of what […]



The Oboro Muramasa Game Rip is up for download now at the Super Secret Download Page. No, I’m not linking to it here. If you know how my URL format is for pages, you’ll figure it out. The tracks are in .mp3 format and are very generically named (BGM_000XX_brstm.mp3). Enjoy!

fairy land


Mercedes rocks. Cornelius was okay, his spinning move was pretty much completely useless for the most part though. Oswald… Oswald can go to hell. I hate his combo finisher, I don’t want to jump INTO the monster! Maybe I haven’t mastered it yet, but his ‘demon mode’ seems useless as well. Though I think the […]