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veronica… where are the tapes?!


Meh. This is what happens when you get lazy. I’ve been informed that a handful of my Eternal Sonata videos were corrupt or not uploaded properly. When did I receive this notice? Oh… about a MONTH ago. I just never checked my official e-mail… really sorry about that. Anyways, barring some more upload problems you […]

heaven’s mirror


I finished up Eternal Sonata yesterday. I -promise- I’ll post some semi-review sort of thing later…maybe. God, I loved it though. A ton more videos should be up already if you haven’t noticed. I’ve given most of them boring names like “Event 01″, etc.

cake time


I finally got around to finishing Odin Sphere. Playing on Hard Mode and choosing not to use items or Psypher Heal during boss battles really extended the game’s length and difficulty for me. I didn’t really see the point of playing Hard Mode if you still had access to items and what not during boss […]