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ra ciela


Oof. Normally I’d be writing up my end of the month post but I’ll actually be gone for the weekend so it’ll be delayed until early December. Plenty to write about, but it’ll be primarily about Xillia 2. Until then!



Sorry, I’m a lot busier than I expected. =/ I really wanted to get something out about Nayuta and Ayesha, but it’ll probably have to wait a bit more.

twilight alchemist


Mmm… I had expected to have time to do a write-up on Atelier Ayesha but it looks like that won’t be the case. Basically all of my free time is being devoted to preventing my backlog from increasing any further (read: busy completing Nayuta no Kiseki’s Infinity mode). Ayesha also has their endgame dungeon DLC […]