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I think this is the first time I’ve actually fallen behind more than a month on updates in years. ^^;

I suppose the biggest thing that happened in September was me taking a solid break from FFXIV – not exactly something I planned, but I took a step back and looked at the current game and the situation in my FC and realized that it wasn’t fun enough to be worth it. I can’t rule out returning, but it’s definitely not on my mind for the time being.

Instead, I played a lot of Diablo III, creating a new seasonal hardcore Demon Hunter for a few days. They’ve really come a long way with changing how the game is and making it fun again. There’s still a lot of work to be done on the higher end of Greater Rifts though. Even though I ended up dying earlier than I expected, I’d definitely be up for making another character when the new season hits. If you’re one of those people who gave up on D3 upon playing the horrible launch version, I would suggest revisiting it and seeing what you think.

My most anticipated title of the year, Sen no Kiseki II hit on the 25th and I opted to go digital in order to be able to play it immediately this time around. I’m currently still playing through it but it’s basically everything I wanted and more!

See you guys next month where I’ll likely gush more about Sen II~




As usual, the super late post for August has arrived~

Not much to report – I’m slowly chipping away at Atelier Shallie, which has been fun, but I think I share a lot of veteran’s sentiments when I say they’ve taken away too much of the time management portion of the game. Ayesha and Escha were already pretty lax with them, but Shallie essentially got rid of it. Yeah sure, there’s still that gauge to worry about but it’s completely different than going day by day in previous iterations. It’s definitely something that’s hard to strike a good balance with, and I know there’s always complaints about the system but I think it’s a core part of Atelier that needs to be retained to some degree. I haven’t gotten too far to be able to fool around with the in-depth mechanics of the new alchemy system so I can’t say too much on that end yet. I’ll probably add some more thoughts whenever I end up beating it.

I did say I was going to talk a bit about Final Fantasy XIV‘s patch 2.3 but I actually found it to be quite boring .=/ I expect I’ll be spending less and less time with it until 2.4 comes out. Maybe not even then…?

Next month is Danganronpa 2 (which I’m kind of scared to check out due to NISA’s involvement) and of course, my highly anticipated Sen no Kiseki II. This time around, I’ll basically be dropping everything I can to play Sen II so hopefully I can keep up with everybody while simultaneously dodging spoilers. TGS is also happening – hopefully Falcom will show us more of Ys PS4 or maybe even that unannounced game? One can dream~

See you next month!

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Super late, but at least I haven’t skipped an entire month just yet…

Aside from the usual Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn, June wasn’t spent doing anything else in particular. I would have really loved to replay Ao no Kiseki through the Evolution port, but any Kiseki game is such a serious undertaking time-wise, so I decided against picking it up. Instead, I focused on getting things done in XIV – mainly earning a ton of gil. Even though I have more than enough for consumables and what not, I just enjoy earning more just in case some huge gil sink comes along. Patch 2.3 is coming quite soon, so everything this month has pretty much been in preparation for that.

Hopefully I’ll have more to talk about next month, which should be about the new patch, and of course Atelier Shallie. Until then!